Interracial Couple, played by Angel Coulby and Bradley James, has “hot” chemistry on the hit SciFi show Merlin

arthur gwen kissingI just watched the season finale of Merlin. The hit BBC TV series that is being shown on the Sci Fi channel. The show has a large following in the UK but not so much in the US.   I actually enjoy the series but admittedly it wasn’t so great in the beginning. The series, though, seems to have taken a darker tone but still has the humor from the earlier shows. This season I enjoyed many of the episodes but my favorite was the Queen of Hearts.  It was the "romantic" episode. 


The Queen of Hearts Episode was a blast. We really had a chance to see Gwen and Arthur have a true romance. Wow! They had deep chemistry in this show. The relationship blossomed and heated up with a secret rendez-vous and passionate kisses. I’ll admit that I swooned over some of those kisses. But the drama sped up when Arthur professed his love to the king and was willing to give up the throne to be with Gwen.

Uther couldn’t accept that his son would fall for a servant. Servants are to bearthur gwen “romped” but not loved or married. It had to be the use of magic. I’ve always sensed the classicism in such European tales and legends but did anyone else find it strange that Morgana , in this episode, was “hell-bent” on keeping her servant and a biracial “looking” Gwen off the throne? I know that Morgana is just plain old evil but I’m torn. A part of me thinks it’s just the “drama” of Camelot and the other side senses the racial/classicist subtext and symbolism underneath.

I’ve been so involved in the series that I completely missed the controversy. When I began researching more information for this blog, it didn’t dawn on me just how controversial Angel Coulby being cast as Gwen had become. She is of mixed race heritage and apparently it caused a big stir. I contend that Coulby was cast correctly. She brings a calmness, kindness and grace to Gwen that works wonderfully. I don’t believe that they could’ve found a better Gwen. Anyone have feelings about Angel as Gwen?

Well, I’m all ready to see what happens on the next season of f Merlin. It ended with Arthur giving Gwen an intense kiss. arthur gwen kissing2 

I can’t wait to the next season to see what transpires between this budding couple. Does anyone else think this Gwen and Arthur have great chemistry?

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0 #47 Neena 2015-05-16 14:46
I think angel Is really good for the part gwen
0 #46 starstruck 2015-05-13 03:19
How on earth can anyone say there is no chemistry between Gwen and Arthur? Both he and she have unique and beautiful features. Their kiss is the most romantic lovely moments I have ever seen on screen EVER and of any era or super star.
-1 #45 Shae 2013-01-19 11:38
I love it I think the actress playing Gwen is gorgeous physically and as said Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The chemistry between her and Arthur is mesmerizing it, is what actually makes the storytelling tolerable for me.

As for legends their is no dating detailing anything other than works of fiction and of course there were dark-skinned people in Britain during that era to think otherwise is just foolish. The Romans did intermarry and Africans did travel.
+1 #44 Carmencita 2013-01-05 21:07
On a final note, it wouldn't make much difference what I or others who feel the same way think about the miscasting. The series has already ran its course.
+1 #43 Carmencita 2013-01-05 21:03
I do agree with you on both counts. At first, I couldn't accept the fact that Gwen was a maid. But then I figured that the producers/write rs want to present their own version, so be it. There's nothing wrong with that - movies of the same story background have been revised countless of times.

As for the beauty part, come to think of it - Gwen has to be drop-dead gorgeous to win the hearts of a king and a knight.

There's a Merlin marathon showing since last Wednesday), and even though it's only make believe, it's hard for me to fathom Bradley (Arthur) and Sebastian's (Lancelot) character falling for Angel's (Gwen) character. Her physical attributes, and I say this with a lot of respect, was not even close enough to make the chemistry believable.

I'm watching Lancelot-du-Lac right now and I'm literally rooting for Arthur to drive her out of Camelot. I don't hate Angel - I just felt that she was miscast as Gwen.
+2 #42 alisa 2013-01-05 20:08
Actually, he was a real king of Britain. He got was not liked by some of the history makers of the time but there is mention of him in some french histories. He existed in about 500 AD. Racially speaking Britian was extremely homogeneous at that point in time. Kings also did not marry servants. They slept with em. but they did not marry them. it didn't happen. Gwen regardless of what race they portray her as, should be (as someone else here said), at the very least a lady in waiting. and she should also be drop dead gorgeous if she wants to lay claim (believably) to two of the most influential men in the kingdom at once. Her story places here Necessarily as a Helen of Troy figure. None of that rings true. If they wanted to call this anything but Merlin and base it on anything but the Arthurian legends I'd be fine with it. But as a long time follower of the romance I find their mangling of it horribly offputting.
-1 #41 Amy 2013-01-05 19:07
Quoting Lynne:
Would you have a problem with Othello being play by someone who was not Africian American?

A lot of people on here are talking like Arthur is a real person. It's just a story. A legend. There's no concrete proof that Avalon existed. Or Arthur for that matter. Over the hundreds of years since the legend first surfaced that have been thousands of retellings of Arthurian legend. And Gwen is a serving girl in MANY of these retellings, not just this one. In the original Arthurian legends, Arthur was but a child when Merlin came into the picture and he was an adult at the time. Merlin was an old man when Arthur became King. Some Arthurian legend retellings do not even include a Merlin.

Also, just a point of reference...The re are multiple Gwen's mentioned in Welsh tradition. And most traditions have her coming from a Roman family. Many Romans married Egyptians and Macedonians. For all anyone knows, Gwen could very well have NOT been white!
+3 #40 Carmencita 2013-01-05 17:05
After reading some of the comments, I decided to add my own. Please note that whatever my opinions are, I say so with respect, even if it might sound otherwise. I side with those who feel that there's no cheemstry between Bradley (Arthur) and Angel (Gwen). But, for me, the problem has nothing to do with race - it's the PHYSICAL beauty. Any actress from a different race would have been fine if she was, at least, PLEASING TO THE EYES to look at or even a JE-NE-SAIS-QUOI about her. This is something which I felt Angel lacked and therefore was not present on screen, leading to the non-chemistry between her and Bradley. There is a Merlin marathon presently showing in Montreal, Canada where I'm from. My friends and I have been glued to the TV for the past 3 days. When we saw the first episode, my friends thought Katie McGrath was Gwen and they were like, WOW - she's gorgeous! When they saw Angel as Gwen - they all reacted with "You must be kidding! That's Gwen?"
alisa Chev
+2 #39 alisa Chev 2012-11-02 20:44
The original Story was a fantastic love triangle. One of the great star crossed love stories of all time. Gwen really loved Lancelot but Lancelot was Arthurs long time best friend and was conflicted. Arthur really loved Gwen. She did not love him. She married him because her father required it of her. It was an alliance. It was a tragic tale. What they've done here weakens the story incredibly. It is important to the story that she was married in for alliances which require her royal bloodline.
alisa Chev
0 #38 alisa Chev 2012-11-02 20:44
@Danette, Classic legends do not change based on re-tellings by the BBC. they just become hopelessly mangled. Arthurian legend is a Romantic staple. the real travesty, the unforgivable part is making her a servant. It changes the whole tone of the story. I find it more racist that they make her a servant and black in order to add a black chick to the cast. Why not introduce her as a nubian princess, if she is black she has to be a servant? The truth is there were no black people in England at this time. There were very few people there at all. They were pictish or european at that point in time.

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