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Courtney Milan wrote a thought provoking blog post that detailed at length the problems with the lack of diverse images on stock websites.  Her words resonated with me deeply.  But, let me go back for a minute. 


DK Gaston BooksIn 2007, my first novel XIII (13) was published. At the time, I was at a different mindset than I am today. I believed then, that there weren’t many African-American readers that would be interested in a paranormal thriller novel. With that belief instead of making my protagonist (Avery Hudson) Black, I wrote him as a Caucasian character.

Spook Confessions CoverIt is my pleasure to be contributing to Alicia’s wonderful blog on the subject of multicultural speculative fiction. Or, as I sometimes call it, fantastic fiction.


ChudneyHello everyone. First off, I have to say thank you to Alicia for having me here and second thank you to everyone that stopped by to read it. When Alicia asked me to talk about my book on her blog, she asked that I keep one topic in mind, diversity in fiction. And so when I began to write this post, it dawned on me that I needed to define what diversity in fiction meant to me.

BlackSpeculativeFictionMonthOctober is Black Speculative Fiction Month! I’m excited to host four guest authors this month. Each one has agreed to giveaway a book!  Over the month, if you tweet #bsfm, share, sign-up for my newsletter, or comment here on their posts, you can sign-up on my #bsfm Rafflecopter to win !  Rafflecopter closes on October 30, 2014 and winners will be announced on October 31st.  Exciting!

October 10 - Chudney Defreitas-Thomas

October 17 - Carlton Holder

October 24 - DK Gaston

October 29 - Xavier Moore

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